SELA Aquatics

Employment Opportunities

SELA team members range from our seasonal lifeguard employees all the way to our well-certified professional staff members who have taken up aquatics safety and training as their full-time career. We employ our own guards and coaches directly; all hiring, interviewing, and human resources are handled by us rather than the clubs and facilities that we manage. Because training and instruction are at the heart of who we are at SELA, we are proud to offer our own most extensive training regimens to our own staff members rather than relying on a third party.

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Our application process begins right here on our website. All you need to get started is a working email address. If you are selected for an interview with one of our professional staff members, we'll get in touch with you and have you send us some further details online.
At SELA you'll handle all the day-to-day details of your employment in our secure online team management system. This system was built in-house to eliminate confusing shift trades, time-off tracking, and other typical work place woes.
We're looking for the best who want to be even better. We seek safety professionals, lifeguards, coaches, and instructors who are driven, internally motivated, and open to growth.