SELA Aquatics

Pool Management Division

Employing, managing, scheduling, and training lifeguards can be a challenge for any pool - especially for clubs that provide a number of facilities and services that are completely separate from aquatics.

SELA allows you to focus on what you do best by taking care of every detail of lifeguard management from hiring and training to scheduling and planning. Because we train lifeguards ourselves and demand higher standards than required by most training regimens, we can ensure consistent, reliable lifeguards who can work flexibly at any local pool that we manage.

How confident are you in your lifeguards' training quality? When was the last time they were formally audited as a group? An audit is an announced or unannounced skills test conducted by a manager. At any time, the manager may ask a lifeguard to demonstrate a rescue skill or perform CPR simulation. Pools managed by SELA are audited several times a week, providing an unprecedented standard of excellence and safety.

A professional team that spans the state
Hiring, Training, & Auditing

At the core of our management product are our hiring, interviewing, training, and auditing processes. In order to deliver unparallelled safety and to foster team cohesion, we actually take care of the employment of guards and safety personnel on our end to allow you as the club management to focus on other things that you do best. Guards report jointly to their SELA manager and club managers.

Pool Maintenance

The SELA management team is stacked with well-qualified Certified Pool Operators with a no-nonsense attitude about pool maintenance, water chemistry, and deck cleanliness. We understand both the aesthetic and safety concerns associated with pool upkeep.

Our lifeguards check chemicals at least 3 times a day and any issues are automatically reported to our management team and pool operators when they are recorded. We believe the key to a great looking pool is a balance between regular upkeep and comprehensive understanding of water chemistry.

Programming & Competitive Swimming

We know that your facility has patrons and members who are looking for a rich, diverse aquatics experience. SELA is excited to bring in professionals to your pool who work to expand your facility's offerings through special programs such as a competitive swim team or learn-to-swim classes for families.